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Natural-looking, discreet eyewear

Lumus enables eyewear that is natural looking, discreet, lightweight, and portable. It permits users to watch TV, read an e-mail, or glance at stock tickers without anyone else knowing they are doing this. And it provides users with information flow without obstructing their vision, so they can carry on their day uninterrupted. All these factors are the key differentiators in Lumus products, and represent the potential and opportunity to produce mainstream consumer products. Utilizing Lumus' patented LOE (Light-guide Optical Element) technology, they eliminate all the complaints about existing personal display solutions - too heavy, too bulky, too geeky, too cheap-looking, too uncomfortable, too immersive.

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Disruptive LOE technology
LOE technology is disruptive because it shatters the perceived laws of conventional optics. It is a technological breakthrough which combines a large, high-quality image in an incomparably compact form factor, using a transparent lens. Together, these features enable Lumus to offer products with the natural look of standard eyeglasses. The LOE is a unique ultra-thin lens design that embeds miniature, see-through elements in front of the eye. A mini-projector (micro display Pod), often embedded in the temple of the eyeglasses, receives the image content from the mobile device and projects it into the side of the LOE, using advanced coupling optics. As the image travels to the center of the lens, it is reflected into the eye via the see-through elements, creating the effect of a virtual large screen. 


See-through and large screen effect 
Unlimited screen size is one of the most innovate and coolest features of Lumus' see-through capability, enabling users to literally experience the world's largest screen. While display brightness and contrast are optimized to block out ambient background when watching video content, the Field of View surrounding the active image remains clear, with the image appearing as though it is being projected onto whatever background is visible. For example, when viewing an image with a wall in front of the wearer, the image appears as if it is a large screen projected on that wall. When outside and looking at the view several blocks away, the image appears as if it is hundreds of feet wide. This phenomenon is explained by the unlimited distance perception enabled by the see-through capability - the farther the distance observed around the active image, the larger the image appears.