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 July 10, 2013  Raytheon's Military-Style Google Glass: The Coolest Weapon on the Battlefield
 June 18, 2013 This Futuristic Weapons System Would Allow Troops to Blow Up Targets Simply by Looking at Them and Pressing a Button
June 17, 2013 Raytheon's Updated JTACS Situational Awareness System, Eyes-on
February 14, 2013 Raytheon/Thales team wins contract for helicopter helmet mounted displays in support of US Army's Air Soldier Program
March 21, 2012

Slashgear: Lumus OE-31 wearable display hands-on

February 23, 2012 The Verge: Lumus OE-31 optical engine could add augmented reality to any eyewear
February 23, 2012 Slashgear: Lumus OE-31 optical engine revealed as smart glasses become reality
February 23, 2012 Engadget: Lumus Optical Engine Turns Motorcycle Helmets and other Eyewear into Wearable Displays
 January 17, 2012 MIT Technology Review: At CES, a Preview of Tomorrow's Wearable Computers
January 13, 2012 Daily Mail: Email in your eye? Next-generation video screen glasses could lay messages or GPS over your field of vision
January 12, 2012 Slashgear: Lumus DK-32 Wearable display hands-on
January 11, 2012 Engadget: Lumus see-through wearable display hands-on 
December 15, 2011 Lumus teases 720p video glasses, takes transparency to a new level
December 13, 2011 Heads-up: Lumus Shows off 720p, See-Through Video Glasses
September 15, 2010
Hands-on With the Lumus See-Through Wearable Display: Real 3D, Real Augmented Reality
July 19, 2010 US Air Force Awards Raytheon $12.6 Million Helmet Mounted Integrated Targeting Contract
June 9, 2009 Firms Introduce Head-mounted Displays for Augmented Reality
January 9, 2008 Attack of the Robots - Top Secret Shades
January 8, 2008 Eyes-on With Lumus Minority Report Projection Glasses
January 7, 2008 And Now...the eyePhone, NewsWeek Magazine

August  1, 2007
Future Watch: TV In Your Glasses, PC Magazine
July 17, 2007
Lumus – Future Video Eyeglasses, TFOT
April 23, 2007
Video Glasses, Now Less Dorky, Business 2.0 Magazine
January 24, 2007
CES Overload, PC Magazine
December 27, 2006
See The Impossible, Reuters Video Interview
December 20, 2006
Fiber Optics Turn Eyeglasses into Movie Screen, USA Today
December 17, 2006
Israeli Optical Breakthrough Poised to Change the World of Mobile Entertainment, Israel 21c
December 12, 2006
Lumus-Optical Unveils Microdisplay-packin' Designer Glasses, Engadget
November 2006
Lumus Showing VGA-Resolution Headset, Mobile Display Report, Insight Media LLC
September 2006
TV Before Your Eyes, Popular Science
March 2005
Seeing Through the Future, Jerusalem Post